Automatic hit detection

The patented automatic shot detection (ASD) works reliably and uses the existing sensors on your smartphone or smartwatch. Additional hardware is not necessary.

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GPS rangefinder & yardage book

On the course, our GPS rangefinder helps you determine the distance and the yardage book helps you plan your shots.

See how far you have hit your shots and how far you are from the tee. This will help you find your tee shots more easily.

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1000+ stats about your game

bebrassie helps you get to know your game better with over 1000 stats, make your training better and therefore need less clubs.
  • Strokes Gained Stats
  • Shot length and deviation
  • Putt and short game statistics
  • Green and fairway in regulation
  • and much more.
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Connect with your coach

With bebrassie's group function, you can share your rounds and statistics with your coach or a group of friends.

  • rankings
  • player profiles
Get the ultimate golf app

All features at a glance

PLAYGOLF (Mobile App)

  • over 40,000 golf courses available worldwide
  • Automatic Shot Detection (ASD technology) records your play and automatically detects your long and short game shots simply by analyzing your motion profiles (US Patent: 10.001.563).
  • ASD also on your smartwatch - wear your smartwatch and the distances are displayed directly on your wrist - the ASD on the smartwatch also automatically recognizes your strokes in the background.
  • No additional hardware required - bebrassie uses the acceleration and motion sensors of your smartphone or smartwatch - no manual input is required.
  • Easy upload and offline use - You can use bebrassie in flight mode or offline - no problem - it's enough if you have downloaded the course data to your smartphone.
  • Rangefinder - Get exact distances to the green (start, middle, end) - as well as distances from the tee and your last detected shot.
  • Smart Yardagebook - Measure all distances directly on the golf course - and make the right decisions.
  • Putts and Pin - Edit your putts and pin position directly on the round (only 2 seconds per hole) and reduce your follow-up effort by up to 90%.
  • Many other extras - weather and altitude differences during your round are automatically recorded. Take photos during the round and create posts for social media from your rounds.


  • Drag & Drop - Our intuitive drag & drop operation allows you to follow up on your round in a very short time and to check the recognized shots.
  • Learning System - bebrassie assigns the appropriate club to the shots based on your data - you usually don't have to adjust anything.
  • Special game situations such as the ball being out of bounds or lost can be adjusted intuitively and presented in a meaningful way.
  • Helpful additional information - We provide you with a lot of additional information about your round (wind strength and direction) and your strokes (differences in altitude and strokes gained values).
  • Create round - Here you can manage and edit all your rounds. If you forget to record a lap, you can recreate the lap from memory.
  • Create Game Plan - You can also plan an upcoming round and see which shots you probably have to play.


  • Round history - Here you can find all your golf rounds and the most important statistics at a glance.
  • Scoring Details - In the power score card you can find all your shots, used clubs and statistics of the individual round.
  • Strokes Gained - bebrassie provides you with real Strokes Gained statistics like on the PGA Tour - you can freely choose your comparison group according to your skill level.
  • World Handicap -bebrassie calculates your current World Handicap (WHI) based on your recorded rounds and shows you all relevant scoring statistics.
  • Clubs and distances - bebrassie shows you how far you hit your clubs and how often you use them.
  • Diviation - bebrassie shows you how big your scatter is with each club and from different distances.
  • Putting Statistics - bebrassie calculates your 1-putt and 3-putt probability as well as many other relevant putting statistics.
  • Classic statistics - In addition to the strokes gained values, bebrassie also provides you with all other statistics such as GiR, FiR, putts per green and much more
  • Extensive filter function - You can display and evaluate all your statistics and data with numerous filters.


  • All important statistics at a glance - Our dashboard gives you a quick overview of your game and your development.
  • Performance Trends - See how your Scoring and Strokes Gained values ​​are developing. You can set different time periods.
  • Strengths and Weaknesses Profile - Recognize your playing system at a glance and find out where your strengths and weaknesses lie.
  • YouTube - In our linked YouTube channel you will find many videos from our experts with tips and tricks about the bebrassie app and how to use it.


  • Create Reports - Create a report for a single round or for all rounds in a specified time period - and get your own PDF reports to send to your coach, other golfers or management.
  • Archive - All your reports are stored here and you can access them again and again.


  • Group function - Invite friends and acquaintances to a group and give each of you specific access rights. Or become part of a group you join yourself.
  • Ranking list - The group members can be sorted according to specific data and displayed in a ranking list.
  • Player profile - Look at the most important statistics for each group member and compare them with a freely selectable comparison period.
  • Coach function - With the appropriate permission, the coach can access, evaluate and analyze the data of his players.


  • Knowledge database - our experts provide you with a wealth of information on using the app and evaluating your data.
  • Glossary - All terms used by bebrassie or relevant to the game of golf are explained here.
  • FAQs - Many questions that reach us every day via support are explained in detail here.
  • Tutorials - In many videos, our experts explain how to handle and use the app and the data analysis.