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Track your game and analyze your performance.



Use your smartphone our Automatic Shot Detection recognizes your shots.



Edit your rounds and match the detected shots with your score.



Check your stats including Strokes Gained calculations.



Rangefinder on your smartwatch.



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Just go out on the course, press ‚START ROUND‘ and enjoy your game. Your Game will be tracked automatically by GPS and our Automatic Shot Detection Technology.
Use the clear Rangefinder and Birdiemaker for your shot planning.


With bebrassie’s easy drag and drop system optimised for tablet and desktop pc, you can adjust all your shots and add additional information. Or you can create a round out of your memory and sign it to get all the statistics you need.


Game changing statistics to analyze your game: Including Professor Broadies Strokes Gained analysis used by the PGA Tour. Discover your skills and weaknesses and improve the efficiency of your training.


Learn more about our features.


Choose Course

Database with more than 40.000 Golf Courses worldwide

Just Play

Just start the App, Press START ROUND and enjoy your game.

No Tagging

The shot will be detected automatically with ASD Technology.

Use Smart Watch

You can connect your smart watch with the PLAYGOLF App.

Score and Notes

After the round you can easily add your score and some notes.


Choose the right club with exact distance measurement.


Integrated Birdiemaker helps you to plan your shots easily.

Statistics & Review

Get first statistics and review your round right after your round.

Use in tournament

If the Committee make a Local Rule that allows players to use a distance-measuring device, the use of bebrassie (Rangefinder, Birdiemaker) is permitted.

Easy Upload

Easy and quick upload after the round.

Drag & Drop

Match your shots with the detected shots from ASD from the PlayGolf.

A Learning System

The system suggests you the played club automatically – just verify it.

Additional Info

Add or adjust shot type and club if required.

Create A New Round

You can create a round from scratch out of your memory or you plan your next tournament.

All Stats at a glance

Get an overview of all important stats and scores.

Scoring and ePR

Get the expected Playing Result (ePR) calculation of our system.

Classic/Breakdown/ Putting

See the development of your scoring and performance.

Strokes Gained

Get real tour statistics with the new Strokes Gained Analyses.

Clubs & Distances

See how far you hit your clubs.

Personal Photo

Upload your personal profile picture.

In My Bag

Put your clubs in your virtual golf bag.

Social Media

Share your round or a single hole with your friends.

Home Course

Define your home course for a faster round set up.

Trophy Room

coming in summer 2016.

Yards or Meters

Change the units easily.

Connect with your PGA Professional

Share your rounds and stats with your Professional

Connect with your friends & team mates

Organize your group or team and share rounds, results ans stats

Follow Your Players

Mark your players and add them to your MyPlayers section…

Push Notifications

Get configurable notifications on your watch or your mobile phone*.

Hole-by-Hole Tracker

Get live information about any score of your players.

Live Leaderboards

See personalized leaderboards with your players marked players.

Scorecard View

See the scorecard hole by hole.

All Major PGA Tours

PGA Tour and European Tour. Asian Tour coming soon…


Read what customers are saying:

happy customer

"It´s cool to have all the usability in one app."

- James Taylor, PGA Professional 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"WIR LIEBEN GOLF ist einer der größten Golf Communities in Deutschland und empfiehlt seinen Mitgliedern bebrassie als App zur Rundenanalyse. "

- Golf Community WIR LIEBEN GOLF 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"To track the game just with a mobile phone without doing anything else than playing, is the core element of our service!"

- Jean Blaufuss, CEO Tourbrassie 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"I´ve created my last round out of memory and showed it to my friends. That´s brilliant!"

- Oliver Neumann, PGA Professional 5/5 Stars!

happy customer

"Using the Rangefinder and Birdiemaker helps me to optimise my game and with the detailed statistics I can plan my practice session more effectively. "

- Oliver Banse-Cabus, PGA Professional 5/5 Stars!


See more samples what´s included in our product.

SCREENHome Screen
SCREENStats Overview 18 Hole
SCREENMy Profile Overview
SCREENDetailed Scorecard View
SCREENApp Overview All Tours
SCREENHomescreen App
SCREENDetailed List View
SCREENRounds List View
SCREENGreen Zoom with Table
SCREENHole View with Table
SCREENList View all Rounds
SCREENStrokes Gaines Statistics
SCREENRangefinder on Watch
SCREENStrokes Gained Analyses
SCREENEdit your round with GPS and ASD
SCREENGreen Zoom
SCREENZoom function
SCREENGreen in Regulation Statistics
SCREENFairway in Regulation Statistics
SCREENIn my bag function
SCREENTee Times View
SCREENEdit your round on your mobile
SCREENWorld Golf Ranking
SCREENLive Scoring - close to the action.
SCREENexpected Playing Result (ePR)
SCREENAll rounds at one stop
SCREENPenalty stroke adjustment
SCREENGet push notifications
SCREENCinema mode
SCREENChoose your course
SCREENStart your round
SCREENNo tagging, just play
SCREENAdd score and notes
SCREENStats & Review
SCREENAdd photos
SCREENEasy upload
SCREENComplete Summary


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