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What is Strokes Gained?

Strokes Gained is a method to analyse golf scores. This method was developed by Prof. Mark Broadie and is used on the PGA Tour. The name already tells the story. This analysis method reveals in which area or on which shots the player gains or loses strokes compared to the comparison group. This is made […]

What does cost?

The website is free of charge. Due to the website being fully responsive, you are also able to use our services on a smartphone or tablet. The Tourbrassie App download costs 2,99 € (one time payment)  and is equipped with the special push-messages feature.

Are the female pros also on

Of course we also created an own area for the female pros. Unfortunately we do not yet have the Ladies European Tour in our App but therefore the LPGA tour players are all availabe.

What is is a website which brings together all the results, leaderboards, rankings, entrylists and tee times of all PGA Tours into one place. In the MYPLAYERS area you can select your favourite players or players that you are interested in and see personalised leaderboards. Once you have downloaded the Tourbrassie-App you can also recieve push-messages […]


YOURTOUR is your direct access to and your favourite players on Tour.

How to I go back a hole?

Should you want to go back a hole in EDITROUNDS, simply use the arrow buttons next to the details of the hole. Remember that your submissions and changes will not be saved. To save you must first pushthe green button at the bottom right of the screen „SAVE & NEXT HOLE >“. After that you […]

How do I switch to the next hole?

If you wish to switch to the next hole in EDITROUNDS, push the green button at the bottom right of your screen „SAVE & NEXT HOLE >“. Your submission will be saved by the system and you can edit the next hole. Should you choose to use the arrow buttons next to the details of the […]

How do I edit a finished round?

In order to edit a finished round quicker, it is advised that you aditionally add the amount of putts you had whilst editing the round. Once you have done that the Visual Edit system will automatically mark your shots as putts and place them on the green. Now, all you have to do is put […]

What is „not zero based“?

„Not zero based“ illustrates the location from which the ball was played with the according number of strokes – i.e. the first shot on a hole will always be played from the tee box and will be displayed as a dot with the number 1. In this illustration format the hole is displayed as a […]

What is „zero based“?

„Zero based“ means thet the illustration shows the player´s first dot (i.e. the location from where the player hit his first shot)  marked with a „0“. The location of the hole – i.e. where the last shot was played – is marked with the amount of shots taken on that hole. Simply put, this illustration shows […]